PARATISSIMA AWARD The ArtisticDirection of Paratissima in cooperation with FISAD 2015 willselect an artistamongst the more than 300 participants in the Festival. The selectedartistwillhave the opportunity to exhibittheir work in Paratissima 2015 with no holding costs. The name of the selectedartistwill be announcedat the end of the FISAD Festival through web and social channels ofParatissima.

PARATISSIMA is an artisticeventhalfwaybetween a classictradeexhibition and a great cultural happening. Itisnow in itseleventhedition andisone of the flagshipinitiatives of the “Contemporary Art Torino-Piemonte” program. The aim of Paratissima isto supportcreativity in allitsforms, placingitselfas a showcase event for emergingartists and young creative minds. Paratissima contemplates art and creativityas social and collectivevalues, notrestricted toexpertsonlybutopen to allthosewho are attrected by them andholdinterest and curiosityinthis area. The eleventhedition of the eventwill be held in Turin from 4 to 8 November 2015.Registrationis open until 17 July ,