Wednesday, July 1st

11.00 Circolo Dei Lettori, via Bogino 9, Turin

Lectures by Presidents and Directors of the Italian Academies of Fine Arts. Creation of the Turin Charter of Italian Academies

17.30TeatroCarignano, piazza Carignano 6, Turin

Opening of the Festival

He Art,outdoor and indoor prologue performed by Royal Gymnastic Society / Flic Circusof Turin

Body, dance show presented by the National Dance Academy in Rome

Choreography and concept: Joseph Fontano

Body painting: Anja De Clercq, with the cooperation of the students of the Makeup and Mask course of Accademia Albertina, led byArminda Falcione

Video art: Nicoletta Massignani

Costumes: Mimì Grassi

Narrator: Luca Di Paolo

Opening statements with the participation of Hon. Stefania Giannini,Minister of Education, University and Research.

 19.00 Accademia Albertina and La Rotonda, via Accademia Albertina 6, andPinacoteca Albertina, via Accademia Albertina 8,Turin

[1]   There may be some changes in the program.



Exhibition of works realized by the National Academies of Fine Arts, guests of honor of the Festival and National and International Schools of Arts

Presentation of special projects by teachers of Accademia Albertina and year-end exhibitions of students’ artworks:

Abilitart, in collaboration with the Italian Paralympic Committee – CIP Piemonte: graphic, pictorial and multimedia artworks on topics and subjects linked to Paralympic disciplines, realized by the students of the Artistic Anatomy course led by Paolo Belgioioso

Inside-Out, 3D videomapping artwork installedin the courtyard of the Academy and made by the students of the Digital Animation course, curated by Franz Fischnaller

Il corpo (che) mente(The body (that) minds),artistic installation with artworks by the students of the schools of Painting, Scientific Illustration and Sculpture Techniques, curated by Ornella Rovera, Anna Santarcangeli and Laura Valle

Il corpoibrido e mutante(The hybrid and mutant body),videohaiku, video installation: students create their own self-portrait from the shapes molded by mythological and artistic imagination, mixing the reality of the body with fantastic projections; curated by Andrea Balzola

Il senso del corpo, ilsenso del tempo(The Sense of  the Body, the Sense of Time),panel made of engobed and glazed ceramic, created by the students of the Ceramics course of Accademia Albertina and Ceramic Museum of Mondovì, curated by Raffaele Mondazzi

Incorporeo.anticorpi per alleggerireilpensiero(Incorporeal.Antibodies to lighten mind), catalogue of an exhibition and reflection on experiences of body absence, invisibility and transparency, curated by the students of various courses led by Stefano W. Pasquini and Maria Teresa Roberto

To-Share-Set, elaboration of projects on the theme of body in space. A journey through the new trends of virtual scenic design. Exhibition by the students of the Two-year Course in Cinematographic set design led by Elisabetta Ajani

The Body of Work ,research – classic studio – reportage – for lovers – diary – beauty – alchemy –

The students of the Photography course of Accademia Albertina inTurinpresent their works;curated by Fabio Amerio

Corpo 18 x 24 (Body 18 x 24), 150 artworks made by the students of Decoration course, curated by Monica Saccomandi, SimeoneCrispino and Iginio De Luca

Il corpo e ilsuocontrasto(The body and its contrast), year-end exhibition of works made by the students of the Multimedia Design course led by David Anni

Identità e alterità(Identity and alterity), year-end exhibition of works made by the students of the Modeling course, curated by Antonio Fortunato

L’incisivosenso del corpo(The incisive sense of the body),year-end exhibition of works made by the students of the Engraving Techniques and Graphic Art course, curated by Marilena De Stefano

Magazziniteatrali(Theatrical storehouses), year-end exhibition of the works made by the students of Set Design courses, curated by Valeria Piasentà and Massimo Voghera

Terzo piano con ascensore: belle arti per palatiesigenti(Third floor with elevator: fine arts for demanding palates), year-end exhibition of the works made by the students of the Painting course, curated by Marco Cingolani

Year-end exhibitionof artworks from the School of Painting, curated by Giuseppe Leonardiand Laura Valle

Year-end exhibition of artworks from the Marble Sculpting Techniques,curated by  LucaMarovino

Exhibition of graphic works on the theme “The Sense of the Body” created by the students of the Graphic Design course curated by Franco Fanelli, Daniele Gay and ErmannoBarovero

Con-vivium,installation made by the School of Set Design of Accademia Albertina, curated by Valeria Piasentà, Massimo Voghera, Ennio Bertrand, Claudia Esposito. Lights by Liliana Iadeluca, in cooperation with TPE-Teatro a corte; performance by Francesca Arri (preview)

Permanent update of theofficial websiteof the festival that will host the best artworks made by the students on the theme “The sense of the body”,curated by the students of the Web Design course led by Roberto Villa

Festivalinstreaming the events of the FISAD 2015 festival, streamed live thanks to the students of the Video-editing course of Accademia Albertina in Turin, curated by Fabio Amerio.

The uniforms of the staff of Accademia Albertina were created bythe students of the Fashion Design course led byMaddalena Marciano


3D performances: Dive, Playing with fear, Impalpabili(Impalpable), Centro De Artes – Udesc/ IA-Campinas, Unicamp-San Paolo (Brazil), performance curated by Milton De Andrade

Prospettivainterna di unospaziocarico(Internal perspective of a loaded space), performance action, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome

Ekleipsis, performance, Academy of Fine Arts, Bergamo

Light Catcher, performance, University of Fine Arts, Hamburg – repeat performances until July 5th

22.00 Accademia Albertina

Opening of the exhibitions to the public accompanied by musical, dancing and juggling performances by the students of Accademia Albertina.