This type of reflections and awareness are particularly highlighted when art schools of the world come together physically and not just virtually, working to ensure that their meetings become significant opportunities for the local social fabric in which they are held, taking on public stances internationally. There is a wide spread of events that around one or more professional or cultural themes attract affirmed artists, museum directors, collectors, gallery owners. But there are few opportunities at an international level involving faculty and students in order to discuss and exchange experiences, take bold positions and at the same time offer the host territory quality exhibitions, shows, performances, events, meetings that stimulate visitors intellectually and emotionally. Through the offer and the comparison of their creative work, young artists and their teachers become bearers of peace and friendship, and of the message that art is the most profound connotation and most representative of the human being. The dialogue that always characterises these projects is aimed at the constant overcoming of political and cultural barriers that, at the beginning of this new century, seem to be returning as menacing shadows against the hope of lasting world peace.

The Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino, given the richness and diversity of its activities and productions, has felt it its duty to offer to schools of art and design in the world, and therefore to the future professionals of beauty and social communication, and to the city of Turin and the Piedmontese territory, a new opportunity to learn, appreciate, discuss the different ways of producing knowledge and creativity that develop within those particular “worlds” that are precisely the so-called “art schools”. For this reason, the Academy has decided to organise FISAD 2015, the 1st International Festival of Schools of Art and Design, which will take place in Turin from 1 to 26 July.