Accademia Albertina has accepted the challenge of the little time available (less than one year) in order not to miss out on two special occasions: the event Torino European Capital of Sport and the EXPO in Milan.

The City of Turin is directly involved in the EXPO, as the site of the exhibition is just 30 minutes by high-speed train from its extraordinary natural environment, its rich network of museums, and the beauty and liveliness of its urban spaces. 2015 is the year that witnessed the inauguration of the new Egyptian Museum -offering the finest selection of artefacts in the world on the subject – and the new Galleria Sabauda – containing, among other things, one of the largest collections of Flemish art in Europe. It is the year of a new Exposition of the Shroud, on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Don Bosco, and of the first pastoral visit of Pope Francesco in the region from where his family comes from. Moreover, 2015 is the year of Torino European Capital of Sport, an event that for 12 months will offer a multitude of opportunities to not only attend important international sporting events, but also to practice all the most fun and educational sports for the broader audience, to experience the multiple relationships between sport, art and culture, to reflect on the philosophical and scientific aspects of the phenomenon of sports.

It is precisely the references to the EXPO and Sports that led to the choice of the sense of the body as main theme of the Festival. The human body, after all, has always been at the centre of training and artistic production, as it is of the practising of sports and of that set of themes that animate EXPO 2015.